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decorative concrete pattern decorative concrete pattern

Wash & Seal on Existing Concrete

Take your boring, dull concrete and make it look new again!

Wash and Seal Concrete
Are you tired of the boring and dull look of your existing concrete? Is the seal on your concrete worn or faded in spots? Well, V&Z Decorative Concrete can fix that. We come with industrial, yet safe cleaners and power-washers to wash away years of dirt and grease. Then after a new layer of sealer has been applied, you would have a driveway that looks brand new, without the cost and time spent with getting a new one.

If you are interested in reviving your old driveway, sidewalk, or patio, please contact us today to see how affordable it is.

Patterns and Colors

Regular Flatwork Concrete Pool Surround
Slate Decorative Concrete Pool Surround
Exposed Aggregate Concrete Pool Surround
Compass Decorative Concrete Pattern

European Fan Decorative Concrete Pattern
Random Stone Decorative Concrete Pattern
Curbing Decorative Concrete Pattern
Wood Plank Decorative Concrete Pattern

Euro Cobblestone Decorative Concrete Pattern
Random Stone Decorative Concrete Pattern
Flagstone Decorative Concrete Pattern
Many More Decorative Concrete Pattern

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At Decorative V & Z Concrete, we offer a wide variety of decorative concrete colors, textures and patterns that will fit any of your outdoor living space needs, including patios, walkways and driveways.

Browse our patterns and colors to find the perfect one for your decorative concrete needs.